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  • KickFit HQ News Update

    KickFit HQ News Update

    Please read all items. 25th September 2020 "I draw so much strength from your kind words and messages of support from our students and parents. All the Senior Instructors are dedicated to giving their best every class. We are working tirelessly to give you the best martial arts training, weekly individual student feedback and keeping our venues safe for all. By working together we can continue to train and keep a positive mindset. We are KickFit strong and will get through this together." Kyoshi Pankiewicz 1. Please do not send your child to class or attend yourself if unwell with any cough or temperature. Stay at home and train on-line. If your temperature is above 37.8 degrees, ....

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  • Safety First

    Safety First

    At KickFit, we are focused on keeping students, families and instructors safe at all times. We continue to follow all social distancing rules: 1. Use hand sanitiser on arrival and departure. 2. Temperature checks for students on arrival. 3. Non-contact martial arts drills. 4. From Thursday 24 September, KickFit is legally required to log details of all students, visitors and staff for NHS Test and Trace. You must book into class using the Member App, for this purpose. 5. From Monday 28 September, Adults and parents, 18 years and older, must wear face covering arriving and leaving the dojo. (unless you have medical exemption). Thank You for your continued support ....

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  • Welcome Back to Outdoor Classes

    Shihan Parks is looking to welcome you back to outdoor classes at English Martyrs Schools. Outdoor classes must be pre-booked via Student App and will be limited to 5 students.
    Please watch the whole video to understand our new safety procedures. Each class will be 30 minutes long. All equipment will be sanitised before the next class starts.
    Students and their families must follow all procedures. Thank you for your support over this challenging time.

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  • Give Us a Second Chance

    Give Us a Second Chance

    ✅ Are you missing KickFit as much as we’re missing you? There might be a few reasons why you stopped coming. We understand. Maybe life just got in the way. But perhaps right now is the perfect time to come back to on-line training. As a thank you for rejoining, your first 2 weeks back will be free 🥋 🏆 Message Today with your name, contact phone number, last belt grade 😀 ....

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  • Get Ready, New Syllabus on the Way

    Get Ready, New Syllabus on the Way

    Get Ready … It’s Week 1 …. Means New Syllabus. Released On-Line this Wednesday 🎯 📮 Check Your Inbox ** Here’s How Your Martial Arts Syllabus is Taught ** Your syllabus is organised into 5-week teaching blocks. Each block is focused on a specific martial arts skill. For example: open hand form, weapons skills, Kenpo self-defence. Each block also has a specific set of kicking and punching skills performed on focus or Thai pads. These skills are carefully selected to work alongside the martial arts skill being practiced. The Instructor team will teach a total of ten, 5-week syllabus blocks ....

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  • Ready, Go for On Line Training

    Ready, Go for On Line Training

    Following the recent government advice for schools to close, Kyoshi Pankiewicz has had to take the difficult decision of pausing group lessons at all KickFit locations. KickFit is not closing but will transition to an on-line video-based training programme. There are 3 parts to this: 1. Video based real time syllabus training. Which you can complete at anytime twice a week or more. 2. A virtual class timetable, where there will be live training with an instructor at set class times. 3. Your instructor will also call you weekly to check on your progress and offer training tips.” Students should post a training photo or video in the KickFit Facebook group. You ....

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  • World Book Day, Readers are Leaders

    World Book Day, Readers are Leaders

    This week is World Book Day on Thursday. Kyoshi wanted me to remind you of the importance of reading. As you know, reading early helps you build independence and self-confidence. It opens up a whole new world of understanding and comprehension. Reading helps you make more sense of the world around you too. I want to encourage you to read a little and often to get your imagination going and increase your vocabulary. Here’s your instructor favourites.
    Renshi Howton: The Gruffalo
    I like how its shows that even a tiny mouse can be brave and out whit big and stronger animals just to carry on with his journey and even when met with the Gruffalo he tricks him into ....

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  • How to be more Mindful

    How to be more Mindful

    Reminding yourself to take notice of your thoughts, feelings, body sensations and the world around you is the first step to mindfulness. Notice the everyday
    "Even as we go about our daily lives, we can notice the sensations of things, the food we eat, the air moving past the body as we walk," says Professor Williams. "All this may sound very small, but it has huge power to interrupt the 'autopilot' mode we often engage day to day, and to give us new perspectives on life." Keep it regular
    It can be helpful to pick a regular time – the morning journey to work or a walk at lunchtime – during which you decide to be aware of the sensations created by the world around you. Try ....

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  • Encouragement, you can do it!

    Encouragement, you can do it!

    Sometimes a little encouragement can be just what you need to keep going. Martial arts training requires your dedication to persevere even when you don't think you can continue on, or maybe a challenging life event seems to want to stop you attending class regularly. 1: The first step is to recognise that it's a challenging time for you. 2: Next, set a schedule to guard your training time. Don't let anything get in the way. Remember this is "you" time. You are a better person after each workout, physically and mentally. 3: Remind yourself of previous challenges you have overcome. Know that "motivation follows action" I am reminded of a quote by Arnold Schwarzenegger; ....

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  • Resistance Makes Us Stronger

    Resistance Makes Us Stronger

    Black Belt Champions and High-Achievers would never become great without the benefit of resistance. None of the greatest Masters or Sensei’s in the Martial Arts would become as powerful as they have without the benefit of resistance. Motivational Speaker and Best Selling Author, Zig Ziglar, teaches "We should always be grateful for our problems." The reality is, the challenges we face every day, really do make us stronger. If everything in life came easy, everyone would be an instant Black Belt. In the real world, the people that solve the most complex problems, are worth the most value in society. In the Martial Arts, in school, at work, in business, we usually learn the most from ....

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