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  • Summer Camp 2019 Limited Places

    Our biggest Summer Camp ever!KickFit instructors will train your child for two days.
    20 GREAT YEARS! this is the event all KickFit instructors look forward to running. Great fun for students plus intensive martial arts training and testing.
    Book today at your KIckFit venue. Limited Places

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  • Challenge Yourself

    Challenge Yourself

    What does it mean to have perseverance? As you know, it means not to give up on something regardless of how difficult things become. Everyone one of you has shown perseverance in your life many times before. The things you now take for granted like reading, tying your shoes, riding a bike and even the simple art of walking were things that you at one time did not know how to do What helped you to develop these skills and will help you to develop other skills in the future is perseverance. Perseverance is a combination of endurance, doggedness and determination. It is believing in yourself even when others don’t. It is in all of us … sometimes we just forget ....

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  • 28 Years of Positive Influence

    28 Years of Positive Influence

    This year KickFit Martial Arts schools is celebrating 28 years. We are proud to have been teaching martial arts skills to the local community. Our amazing instructor team provide a positive influence and are great role models. ....

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  • Our Mission and Purpose

    Our Mission and Purpose

    "Our mission at KickFit is to offer a more positive future by encouraging aspiration and purpose by building confidence, fitness and emotional resistance. Martial arts training improves our students lives. We provide training that focuses on safety skills, awareness and fitness. The instructors are positive role models and can relate to children. We are patient and enthusiastic. We understand the need to use influence to help children make the right decision and choices in life We are at the heart of our community. We provide a positive influence in our students lives. Our instructor creed focuses on patience and enthusiasm.” ....

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  • Easter Bank Holiday Closure

    Easter Bank Holiday Closure

    Easter Bank Holiday close dates. Please make-up any missed classes over the next 3 weeks. Next week we have extra Junior and Little Champion morning classes at KickFit HQ. Sign-up to take part. All evening classes will be running during school Easter holidays. 🥋 ⛩ 💪 ....

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  • 10 School Success Tips

    10 School Success Tips

    10 Secrets for School Success 1. Be present focused. (“wherever you are be there”) 2. Believe in yourself. 3. Focus with your mind, focus with your eyes, focus with your body. 4. Show respect for your teachers and your classroom. 5. Respect yourself and what you are doing. 6. Be self-disciplined. 7. Follow directions. 8. Do your work. 9. Complete your work. 10. Complete your homework and turn it in on time. ....

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  • World Book Day 7th March

    World Book Day 7th March

    This week is World Book Day on Thursday. Kyoshi wanted me to remind you of the importance of reading. As you know, reading early helps you build independence and self-confidence. It opens up a whole new world of understanding and comprehension. Reading helps you make more sense of the world around you too. I want to encourage you to read a little and often to get your imagination going and increase your vocabulary. Don't forget to complete your "Readers are Leaders" badge form too. Here’s your instructor favourites. Renshi Howton: The Gruffalo I like how its shows that even a tiny mouse can be brave and out whit big and stronger animals just to carry on with his journey ....

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  • UK Safer Internet Day

    UK Safer Internet Day

    It's National Safer Internet Day today. Parents you don’t need to be an expert on the internet to help keep your child stay safe online. Click on the link for advice and resources to support you as you support your child to use the internet safely, responsibility and positively. Parent Tips for a Safer Internet ....

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  • Motivation Follows Action

    Motivation Follows Action

    Motivation Follows Action “There are always times when you won’t feel like exercising and turning up for class. To combat this, tell as many people during the day that you are going to class. You know they will ask you how it went tomorrow, so you are more likely to attend class” By acting and working through that temporary down feeling, you will increase your motivation and readiness to get to class.” ....

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  • End of Year and Restart Dates

    End of Year and Restart Dates

    Christmas Holidays Dates for Instructor Rest & Recharge We will be unable to return your enquiry during our close down dates Coley: last class 21/12 return 4/1 Langley: last class 20/12 return 3/1 Reading: last class 20/12 return 3/1 Slough: morning class 21/12 return 3/1 Wimbledon: last class 19/12 return 7/1 Thank you for your support During 2018 ....

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