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  •  in Slough - KickFit Martial Arts Slough - To Become a Black Belt

    To Become a Black Belt

    One more sleep until our Dec 2018 Black Belt Candidates and Dan graders embark on their Spirit and Energy Test. To become a Black Belt means commitment, discipline, determination and indomitable spirit. A Black Belt is much more than something you wear around your waist, it is something you become. This transformation is extremely empowering and reinforces that anything worth doing is never easy. Resolve to put your best effort into all the testing stations. Show your commitment and determination to excel during your performance. So good luck to all the candidates on the final hurdle to earn this high honour within the martial arts. Stay strong ....

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  •  in Slough - KickFit Martial Arts Slough - December 2018 Event Calendar

    December 2018 Event Calendar

    Event Calendar for December 2018 Join us for our premier event of the year: Black Belt Graduation on Saturday 8th December at 2:15pm. Be part of the audience to witness promotion of our 2018 candidates to Black Belt and high Dan Rank by Kyoshi and the Senior Instructor Team ....

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  •  in Slough - KickFit Martial Arts Slough - Rookie Sun Bae Course 2019

    Rookie Sun Bae Course 2019

    Behind the scenes at KickFit HQ. This is how we train our assistant instructor team. With regular "role-playing" sessions to build confidence and leadership, under the guidance of Senior Instructor team. Did you receive an invite to join 2019 Rookie Sun Bae Team? This could be you in 12 months time! Leading a class and giving high quality instruction. Return Your Form Today and reach for the stars. Entry is by invitation from your Head Instructor; talk to them about what's required :) ....

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  •  in Slough - KickFit Martial Arts Slough - Self Defence Tip, Be Aware

    Self Defence Tip, Be Aware

    Learn to Be Aware, but Not on Guard In life, we should be like a defensive driver and realise the value of following the rules (safe habits), paying attention to our surroundings (but not reading unnecessary fears into them), and then going about our business. Having done this, we can be rest assured that if something comes up that needs our immediate attention, our intuition will let us know. ....

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  •  in Slough - KickFit Martial Arts Slough - Commitment


    ‘Without commitment you will never start, but more importantly without consistency, you will never finish.’ Denzel Washington After setting a goal you then need to figure out the small steps that it takes to achieve that goal. In Martial Arts the ultimate goal is Black belt and the steps to take to achieve that are repetition of techniques through consistent weekly training. It takes strength and perseverance to be consistent especially when you don’t see instant results or there is so much to pull on your time and thoughts. Consistency can be tedious and dull as some days you will not feel like training those are the days you need to train the most as there are ....

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  •  in Slough - KickFit Martial Arts Slough - Registration Night Monday 17 September

    Registration Night Monday 17 September

    *** Attention Slough and Langley Mums ***
    Looking for a structured activity for your kids for this autumn, that's fun? Our Registration Day event is perfect for your child to have a taster class. Each lesson, is broken by age group and taught by one of our expert instructors. After the class, you will have the opportunity to find out more and register for our 4 week September new beginner starter programme BOOK HERE TODAY
    ***** We’ve been teaching martial arts to children and families in the area for 26 years. Our specialityis working with young kids, improving their confidence and self-esteem, and teaching them life skills. Most importantly, we do it in a ....

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  •  in Slough - KickFit Martial Arts Slough - Back to School Success

    Back to School Success

    Doing homework regularly is an important part of having a successful school year. Taking time now, at the beginning of the year, as a family to discuss great homework habits can help students reach that goal. When do you do your homework? It’s important to know that everyone is not the same when it comes to doing homework, and no one plan will work for all students. • Some kids can do homework as soon as they get home from school. • Some kids might need a snack first and then do homework. • Some kids need to recharge their batteries after school, taking 30 minutes of free time before doing homework. Not everyone can stay focused for the same ....

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  •  in Slough - KickFit Martial Arts Slough - Hand of Friendship

    Hand of Friendship

    Back to School week can be scary and daunting. During classes this week, KickFit instructors will be encouraging our students to: "Be the kid who extends the hand of friendship" ....

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  •  in Slough - KickFit Martial Arts Slough - Be the Best Version of You

    Be the Best Version of You

    Here are three habits that Kyoshi Pankiewicz knows would be good for everyone, athlete and non-athlete, Martial Artists, and those individuals that haven't yet made the move to become the best person they could be. 1. Hydration - There are so many reasons for this one. The best deal with short term and long term health and energy level. Even the slightest state of dehydration can have dramatic negative impact on your performance. 2. Spirited Repetition - You are well aware that it takes tons of repetition to master any skill that is worthy of your effort and energy. However, there is a difference in doing your reps in a good spirited manner versus doing it in a manner of ....

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  •  in Slough - KickFit Martial Arts Slough - Going Beyond Black Belt

    Going Beyond Black Belt

    Many people think that reaching Black Belt is the ultimate level. Although it is a great achievement, your martial arts training shouldn’t just stop there. I want to remind you that the Best Training Starts after you earn your Black Belt. Think of it like climbing a mountain. Going up, all you can see is just a few feet in front of you and it can be tough going at times. This is like training towards Black Belt. As you reach the top of the mountain, you start to see more; the road could go down, stay flat or there could be more to climb. This is like reaching your Black Belt because at that level there is so much more training available to you. Keeping your fitness and ....

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