KickFit Martial Arts Slough Reviews!

KickFit Martial Arts Slough Chris S.

Watched my son through to black belt, learning all the skills of TKD but at the same time being coached in control, respect, hard work etc Even started myself and reached advanced purple belt before knee operations and a badly broken foot stopped me in my tracks. Master P is someone to listen to, follow and learn from....

Chris S.

KickFit Martial Arts Slough Noorie N.

Spent almost all of my teenage years at kick-fit. What can I say, it was an absolute pleasure! The life skills I picked up have helped me in every aspect of my life. I am truly grateful to all the wonderful instructors who have in essence helped to shape me into the person I am today! A wonderful academy with truly amazing and dedicated instructors. Thank you!

Noorie N.

KickFit Martial Arts Slough Alison S.

My eldest boy has been with Kickfit for over 4 years now, and is in his Black Belt cycle this year. I was looking for a club that not only taught Martial Arts and self defense, but somewhere that would work with us and my sons school to help build on his confidence, perseverance and self discipline. When my youngest son was old enough to join classes I hoped it would help him to calm down, listen and learn how to channel his energy in a focused way. From day one the support and encouragement given to us all was fantastic, the staff all have a personal yet professional way of communicating and connecting with the children and parents alike. My sons both love being able to bring in medals or awards and certificates they have won at other places or for work at school, and then being called to the front of their Kickfit class and having this achievement being recognized by them. I tell anyone who is interested to give Kickfit a go , although it can be slightly dearer than other clubs in the area, I firmly believe that the extra costs are worth it for such a rounded, professional and helpful team to support my children and myself. My boys are proud to come to Kickfit and they are by no means perfect but I believe Kickfit has helped them develop positively. My eldest is hoping to continue helping in class until he is old enough to teach his knowledge to younger ones so I think we will be coming for many years yet!

Alison S.

KickFit Martial Arts Slough Simon M.

Along with my two young children, I have been attending the KickFit Martial Arts School in Cippenham Slough for nearly a year now and have thoroughly enjoyed every single class. It was watching my two little ones and the positive effect that the school has had on both of them that made me get up and join myself. And I have not looked back since! I cannot praise the school, its staff and the teachings enough! Thank you KickFit and watch out Black Belt, I'm on my way!!!

Simon M.

KickFit Martial Arts Slough Andrew P.

This is my place where I can forget everything and focus something so positive with amazing people who are so friendly and just great to be around. Improves your fitness and state of mind. Everyone should do this and they'll see the great impacts of this!

Andrew P.

KickFit Martial Arts Slough Faisal I.

I've been training here for a number of years now. I used to train at other clubs and personal circumstances meant I had to stop. I then had children and wanted to start them in the martial arts early. That's when I saw the quality of training from the entire instructor team and I joined up myself. Have been there a few years now and the enthusiasm has never waned. All credit to Master P and the instructor team keeping things fresh. Here's to the next few years.

Faisal I.

KickFit Martial Arts Slough Simon G.

My wife and daughter have been attending KickFit Martial Arts classes for 3 years. They both enjoy it tremendously and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun but challenging way to keep fit and develop some self defence skills.

Simon G.

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