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Kids Karate in Slough - KickFit Martial Arts Slough
Fitness Kickboxing in Slough - KickFit Martial Arts Slough
Adult Martial Arts in Slough - KickFit Martial Arts Slough

Kids Karate

Slough Kids Karate

Your little one will gain confidence, improve motor skills, learn to pay attention and follow directions, plus gain a positive "I can do it: attitude. Children ages 4 years & older are taught life skills that will give them a great start with Slough Karate for kids.

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Fitness Kickboxing

Slough Fitness Kickboxing

Tired of working hard without seeing results? Make the move to our Fitness Kickboxing programme in Slough and take on the most comprehensive training system around. With Ultra Fit, we are here to help you have fun and get in serious shape with an exciting and challenging class.

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Adult Martial Arts

Slough Adult Martial Arts

The KickFit Slough Martial Arts system is a blend of traditional and contemporary Karate and Martial Arts at Slough that offers not only an effective self defence programme, but also a means for personal and character development along with self-discipline.

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Latest News & Updates

Dan Grade Promotions
Congratulations Shihan Parks and Sensei Warwick! What a great graduation event with phenomenal Martial Arts, some amazing board breaks and a wonderful community of friends that came to support ...
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Martial Arts Benefits ASD Kids
Children who have Autistic Spectrum Disorder can benefit from Martials Arts training! We have the expertise to help! Our starter programme gives all children plenty of time to acclimatise and ...
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Kids Karate in Slough - KickFit Martial Arts Slough

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